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Have ever given someone a hug and been surprised about how good they smell? It could be the perfume they use or it could be their clothes? Many fabrics have the ability to absorb and hold scents for a long time. Therefore, instead of spending a great deal on expensive perfumes, there is another way …Read More

Washatopia is your premium laundry service in Austin and Georgetown which gives you the ultimate laundry satisfaction. Equipped with the state of the art technology in their facilities, Washatopia provides you with quick service and easy to use machines. The best part is, you can choose between doing your own laundry at their facility, or …Read More

Having a good laundry service around your area is one of the most important things you can get. Washatopia is one such example of a brilliant laundry service facility in Austin. From superior laundry services to advanced services and equipments of Laundromat in Austin, you are likely to find satisfying services of the sort. Washatopia …Read More

Washatopia’s Guide to Laundry Care Symbols These wash symbols are used by clothes manufacturers to indicate if, when, and by what means the laundry process needs to be altered so that a garment can be cleaned without damage. This guide can help you care for your regular wash items, as well as dry cleaning. It …Read More


Prevent Fading

Prevent Fading of Dark Clothing Sort clothing carefully. Never wash light colored clothing with dark items. Lint from cotton items will often adhere to dark items making them look “fuzzy”. Choose the right temperature. Use the coolest water temperature possible when washing dark clothing. Choose the right detergent. Use a detergent formulated for dark colors. …Read More